healing retreat

reconnect with inner wisdom

the healer within

An all-inclusive, fully immersive healing journey


Leave behind your everyday concerns and go behind the veil.

In the relaxing and safe, healing environment of The Nature Spa at Vale das Lobas, you will:

  • Discover¬†inner wisdom
  • Activate¬†your healing power
  • Remember¬†yourself
  • Access¬†you intuition and creativity
  • Enable¬†dreaming
  • Connect¬†with the healer within
  • Transform¬†the wound
  • Release¬†the past
  • Recover¬†grace and magic

Who is it for?

Do you feel drawn by the magical and the wild? Do you want to align yourself more with the moon, the stars and with your dreams, and open to the messages that come from your Soul?

Do you want to explore a natural and holistic approach to health?

Do you need to change direction, but not sure which direction to take?


Themes and Conditions

These are some examples of the conditions and circumstances that you may be facing. If so, and you are seeking a Natural Medicine route, then the Heal Thyself Retreat is for you.

  • A diagnosed condition, such as cancer, neurological or heart disease
  • Mental health concerns
  • Auto-Immune conditions
  • Electro-sensitivity
  • Men‚Äôs Heath
  • Women‚Äôs Health
  • Freestyle ‚Äď no theme. You want to improve your level of health.


What is Included



To and from Porto or Lisbon airport, or Viseu or Guarda bus station.


Full food and board

All meals, snacks and beverages come from produce grown in our own gardens, and are prepared in our kitchens on site.


Personalised nutritional counselling

After booking your retreat, you will be invited to connect with our nutritional experts, to prepare the ground, so that you receive the maximum benefit during your retreat, for mind, body and soul.



Herbalism, Homeopathy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Breathwork, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Bodywork Massage.


Spa Pool

Healing waters from the ancient water mines tumble into the Spa Pool. A daily immersion will revitalise your energy body, and activate deep healing. This is structured water, with a high vibrational quality.

Daily practice

Somatic Yoga, Chi Gung

The Healing Power of Nature

In the grounds of The Nature Spa, there are 16 hectares (40 acres) of forest gardens, medicine gardens, ancient chestnut forests and ornamental terraced gardens, with natural mineralised water flowing all year round from ancient water mines. onnect deeply with the spirits of the plants in the Medicine Gardens, celebrate the cycles of life in the Goddess Pool, and forest bathe at the Fairy Spring. There are also daily guided walks on hiking trails, and tours to the neolithic temples and dolmens.

Creativity Workshops

Textiles, Ceramics, Painting, Poetry & Creative Writing, Sound Instruments, Storytelling, Dance, Music.

Dates and Times

The arrival and departure day is on Sunday, and you can book your stay for one, two, three or four weeks. The full four-week retreat is recommended if you want to completely detox your life of addictive or compulsive habits and behaviours.