Sanctuary for healing

The Nature Spa is a lost treasure of the ancient world with healing waters and an aura of antiquity, providing the perfect environment for relaxation, regeneration and inspiration.

The Solar dos Girões was constructed more than 400 years ago as the family home to the noble Beltrão dynasty. The original building was built on granite rock, on four different levels. The reconstruction project is a careful balance between restoration and innovation that has challenged the skill and ingenuity of the engineers and builders. Soon this unique manor house will open as a Nature Spa, and the exquisite gardens, healing waters, and magical forests will be providing health and inspiration to all.

The reception rooms provide beautiful spaces for yoga and other group activities, the old wine cellars have a new use as a conference centre with live-streaming facilities. The 23 bedrooms are both elegant and energy efficient, and the Spa is fed by natural spring water from the mountain water mines.

The extensive terraced gardens are being planted with fruit trees, to create botanical and medicinal gardens and meditative spaces. There is a Goddess Pool, that honours the sacred feminine energy of this mountain recluse. Plants grown in the medicinal gardens will be transformed into health care products in our apothecary. These products include the soaps and shampoos, made only from natural, ecological and organic ingredients, that will be provided in the bathrooms throughout Vale das Lobas.